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Bitcoin Gold Watch

Predict when Bitcoin reaches parity with Gold

your time & date prediction for when the BTC/GOLD ratio first equals or exceeds 1.0

@NYbitcoinster2014-02-20 23:00:00 @erictechrepair2014-01-15 12:00:00

and then retweet BTC/GOLD ratio
when Bitcoin value surpasses ounce of Gold,
we'll award Bitcoins* for each follower.

First Retweeter: Single award of 100 Satochi's per follower.
First Hundred Retweeters: One will receive 10 Satochi's per follower.
All Followers: One will receive 1 Satochi per follower.



* Only awarded where not prohibited by law. Limit 1 Bitcoin per tweeter.
Number of followers equals unique followers of BITCOINpeeps accounts including @BITCOINpeeps, @liveBITCOIN, @liveBTCMINING and @liveBTCvsGOLD.
Terms & Conditions subject to change without notice.